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We are not accepting Private Pilot applicants

at this time. 

All students must obtain renters insurance

prior to training. No exceptions.

Flight Instruction

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License



Private Pilot License   

Live the dream, earn your pilot wings.  

 Complex and High Performance endorsement 

  • Learn to fly complex and high performance aircraft.

  • Obtain the hours and endorsement required for your commercial check ride.

Multi Engine Rating 

  • Add a multi-engine rating to your existing pilot certificate.

5-Day Accelerated Multi Engine Rating

4-Day Course / check ride on 5th Day

Instrument Rating

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License


Instrument Rating 

  • Take your Pilot certificate to the next level by gaining the ability to fly in IFR weather.

 Guided Instrument Rating Course​  

  • Do your entire course, including hood time-building, with a CFII, instead of learning bad habits with another “time builder.“ 
  • Obtain real world experience filing actual IFR flight plans and flying in real weather. 
  • The real world experience you will gain, will practically guarantee that you ace your Instrument check-ride and help you become a confident instrument pilot in the process.

Commercial / ATP

Private Pilot License

Commercial / ATP


 Commercial Pilot License 

  • Turn your flying passion into a lucrative career.

Airline Transport Pilot

  • Right now is the best time to pursue a career as an Airline Pilot.
  • Take advantage of the current Pilot demand.

Advanced Flight Training 

  • Emergency Operations
  • Unusual Attitudes
  • Spin Recovery Training
  • Upset Recovery 

Flight Review

Check Ride Prep / Ground / Other

Commercial / ATP


 Flight Review​ (BFR) 

  • Minimum 1 Hour Ground Instruction and 1 hour of Dual Flight Instruction, as required every 24 calendar months per FAR 61.56.​ 

Advanced Flight Review

(For Rusty Pilots)​ 

  • Custom Ground & Flight Instruction for your specific needs.​
  • Dual instruction as required by your insurance company.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Communications.
  • Rusty? I can help you get back in the game.  

Multi Engine Time building 

Aircraft available:

Piper Twin Comanche

Piper Seneca

C310 & C340

Piper Navajo

Instrument Proficiency Check

Check Ride Prep / Ground / Other

Check Ride Prep / Ground / Other


 Basic Instrument Proficiency Check​ (IPC) Currency / Refresher 

  • Ground review and briefing followed by performing the minimum flight requirements needed to maintain or regain currency as per FAR 61.57.  

(Typically completed in under 3 Hours.)  

 Advanced 5-Hour "IFR Workout" - (IPC) Currency / Refresher 

  • Ground review and briefing followed by fast paced Instrument work. Intercepting & tracking VOR's, holds, and at least 6 different approaches at 6 different airports. 

Advanced 8-Hour "IFR Cross Country Pro-Workout" 

  • Advanced version of the 5-Hour IFR Workout.

(Great check ride prep)​ 

Check Ride Prep / Ground / Other

Check Ride Prep / Ground / Other

Check Ride Prep / Ground / Other


   Oral & Check Ride Prep 

  • Mock oral and check ride with evaluation debriefing, then work on any deficiencies.  

  Ground Instruction 

  • One on one personal ground instruction. ​

Co-Pilot / Safety Pilot  

  • Need to fly somewhere, and would like an experienced CFII as a co-pilot? 
  • Would you like to practice your instrument skills in actual IMC? 
  • ​Lost your medical?

  Night Operations 

  • Learn how to fly safely at night. Regain your night currency.  ​


  • Tell us what you have in mind​

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